Green Stock Investment Choices

Green investing can benefit everyone and it is a way to make a significant difference in the world. Green stocks are an investment choice that is becoming more and more popular with investors. In order to make the best picks for the companies you choose to invest your green stocks in, you need to be knowledgeable about the companies and to do thorough research. These are not recomendations but are prsented as examples.

Green Stocks in Smart Companies

What companies are leading the pack in doing their part to make the planet a better place to live? Which ones make environmental and social concerns a top priority? Which companies are the ones you should be looking at closer in order to invest in green stocks? If green and sustainable investing has become a priority of yours, then these are the companies that you should look at first when it comes to investing in green stock:

Kyocera Corp (KYO)
- This is a Japanese company that manufactures mobile phones and photocopiers. They are also the second largest company in the world to produce photovoltaic cells. This company is a smart pick for green stocks.

Ormat Technologies (ora) – Ormat technologies in Nevada has been in business since 1965. The company builds and operates geothermal power plants in no less than 13 countries. This company is at the forefront of green investing. In the past year alone the stock for Ormat Technologies has doubled.

Suntech Power Holdings Co. Ltd. (STP) – Located in China, Suntech is the largest producer of photovoltaic cells and has been described as being a “major market for emerging energy technologies”.  Green investing is big at Suntech.

United Natural Foods Inc. (unfI) – The United Natural Foods Company is to be found in Connecticut. This company embraces green investing and is a good choice for green stocks. It is the biggest publicly traded distributor of both natural as well as organic foods throughout the United States. They continue to look for ways to add more green to their company. Recently they have started to use biodiesel in their trucks.

Whole Foods Market (WFMI)
- Based in Austin, Texas, Whole Foods is setting precedence in terms of green investing. The company has singlehandedly changed the natural-grocery sector for the better. In January 2006 the American company bought enough wind-power credits to offset all of the energy it routinely uses.

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